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This seasons MUST HAVE festive decoration trends

This seasons MUST HAVE festive decoration trends

We’re delighted to welcome Victoria Rodgers of VMR Home Staging as this months Guest Expert.

Victoria is a professional Home Stager and shares with us the MUST HAVE festive decorations for this season

Christmas 2017 is set to be all about fun and quirkiness.  This year is set to be a year that encourages a slightly more adventurous take on the Christmas decor front.  Whether it be the upside down Christmas tree, Pineapple Christmas tree or the Minimalistic Christmas tree.  Whatever your personal preference, my first tip would be to always make sure your festive decorations are in keeping with the style of your property. That said, below are a few ideas trending for this Christmas –

  1. Classic Red and White – The cheerful red and white combination looks great accessorised with sheepskins, chunky woollen throws and all things natural. A money saving tip would be to venture out into the local woods collecting pine cones, acorns, fallen branches and sticks.   Upon returning home (and once your finds have been cleaned accordingly and dry) you can create all sorts of festive accessories such as centre pieces, wreathes or tree decorations.  Add some glitter, fairy lights or paint and let your creative side loose.  It’s fun for all the family and you will have a truly unique and reusable creation to treasure.
  2. Greens and country themes – This autumn has seen a huge popularity of decorations featuring animals, especially stags and birds. This style lends itself so well to being ‘trimmed up’ for Christmas and as mentioned in point 1, go out into the local woods and countryside and find some of your own greenery to accessories  and have fun with.   When adding greens be sure to stick more to the emerald side of the spectrum as it looks great contrasted with golds and all things natural.  One tip to create the wow factor in your home this Christmas would be to entwine a floral garland along a staircase and add that extra Christmassy feel by adding lots of lovely glitter.
  3. Metallic – Another Christmas classic but 2017 has updated the theme to make the look more opulent than ever before by teaming with darker and richer shades whether it be indigo, charcoal or the lovely petrol blue. It truly provides a look of opulence and luxury.  If you choose this theme my advice would be to stick with gold or silver as these are easier to mix than copper.  A simple and effective way of achieving the look would be to use simple metallic star decorations, antique effect baubles or glitter accessories.
  4. Bright and multi-coloured – This certainly sounds like fun and will be sure to be a favourite for the kids! The theme can be brought to life with brightly coloured baubles, tableware and garlands.  I do love this theme myself however, just a word of warning that with this trend , sometimes ‘less is more’.
  5. Lighting – This is important any time of the year but festive decorating this year is more about lighting than any year I can previously remember. I have taken to draping lights over my mantelpiece as a modern take on a garland and I love how it gives off a warm cosy glow during the dark nights.  Another way to use lights around your home could be in wreaths, on windowsills, and weaved around staircases to name but a few.  Tea light houses and lights scenes are the perfect way to decorate a windowsill or mantel piece.
  6. Tinsel – Yes, that’s right tinsel! It may have the reputation of belonging in 1970’s rather than 2017 but its back.  This year lends itself to Tinsel being used in a more versatile way, whether it be wrapped around the staircase or used to ‘spruce-up’ centrepieces

I hope you like some of the ideas and whichever trend you choose to follow (or not), I wish you all a magical Christmas and New Year.


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Victoria Rodgers

Director at VMR Home Staging